JPEG.org sponsorship program

The sponsorship program supports the development and maintenance of the JPEG website, mailing lists, data hosting and other services. The program yearly collects an amount that can vary depending on the actual costs. The target amount is set based on the expected costs for the coming year and uncovered costs from the last year.

Sponsorships are collected by Universum Digitalis BVBA (UD](), Belgium. UD will only use the collected sponsorships for JPEG related services. Applicants will receive an invoice issued according to Belgian legislation.

For more information or questions please contact .

2020 program

The 2020 program target is 6000 euro. Please fill in the following form to apply. An overview of the available packages is listed below. Please note that prices do not include taxes.

Package Minimum amount Offer (1 year)
Anonymous € 100 No visibility
Bronze € 200 Name mentioned on sponsorship page
Silver € 500 Name and logo mentioned on sponsorship page
Gold € 1000 Logo on jpeg.org front page

95% target reached


The following organizations supported the development and maintenance of jpeg.org in 2020: