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WG1 Organization

Convener    Prof. Touradj Ebrahimi    CH   
JBIG Rapporteur   Prof. Fumitaka Ono   JP    
    Mr. Shigetaka Ogawa   JP    
Webmaster   Dr. Frederik Temmermans   BE  
Communications   Dr. Antonio Pinheiro   PT  
    Dr. Frederik Temmermans   BE    
JPEG Requirements   Prof. Fernando Pereira   PT    
    Mr. Walt Husak   US    
JPEG Coding & Analysis   Dr. Thomas Richter   DE    
    Prof. David Taubman   AU    
JPEG Systems   Dr. Siegfried Foessel   DE    
    Dr. Frederik Temmermans   BE    
JPEG Metadata   Prof. Youngseop Kim   KR    
    Dr. Akio Yamada   JP    
JPEG Test & Quality   Prof. Peter Schelkens   BE    
    Mr. Dale Stolitzka   US    
Former WG1 Convener   Dr. Daniel Lee   US    
Honorary Webmaster   Mr. Richard Clark   UK    

WG1 Ad-hoc Groups (AHG)

During the 76th JPEG meeting in Torino, the following Ad-hoc Groups were established. More details on their objectives and how to participate can be found in this document.

  1. Ad Hoc Group on JPEG XS
  2. Ad Hoc Group on JPEG Website and LiveLink
  3. Ad Hoc Group on JPEG Pleno – Light Field
  4. Ad Hoc Group on JPEG Pleno - Holography
  5. Ad Hoc Group on JPEG Pleno - Point Clouds
  6. Ad Hoc Group on High Throughput JPEG 2000 (HTJ2K)
  7. Ad Hoc Group on 360 degree Image Format and metadata
  8. Ad Hoc Group on next generation image compression standard
  9. Ad Hoc Group on JPEG XT
  10. Ad Hoc Group on JPEG Privacy & Security
  11. Ad Hoc Group for the creation of a JPEG reference software
  12. Ad Hoc Group - 25th anniversary of the first JPEG standard
  13. Ad Hoc Group on AIC-2
  14. Ad Hoc Group - JPEG Pleno Software