Overview of JPEG Pleno

JPEG Pleno intends to provide a standard framework to facilitate the capture, representation, and exchange of omnidirectional, depth-enhanced, point cloud, light field, and holographic imaging modalities. It aims to define new tools for improved compression while providing advanced functionalities at the system level. It also aims to support data and metadata manipulation, editing, random access and interaction, protection of privacy, and ownership rights and other security mechanisms.

JPEG Pleno will provide an efficient compression format that will guarantee the highest quality content representation with reasonable resource requirements in terms of data rates, computational complexity, and power consumption. In addition to features described next, supported functionalities will include low latency, backward and forward compatibility with legacy JPEG formats, scalability, random access, error resilience, privacy protection, ownership rights and security, parallel and distributed processing, hierarchical data processing, and data sharing between displays or display elements. The associated file format will be compliant with JPEG systems specifications and will include signalling syntax for associated metadata for the capture, creation, calibration, processing, rendering, and editing of data and for user interactions with such data.

The JPEG Pleno framework will be standardized in a step by step approach, each steps enhancing and enriching the JPEG Pleno standard. In a first phase, light field coding technologies and associated system level components will be addressed.