Overview of JPEG Pleno

JPEG Pleno aims to provide a standard framework for representing new imaging modalities, such as texture-plus-depth, light field, point cloud, and holographic imaging. Such imaging should be understood as light representations inspired by the plenoptic function, regardless of which model captured or created all or part of the content.

JPEG Pleno standard tools will be designed together to consider their synergies and dependencies for the whole to be effectively greater than the sum of its parts. To fully exploit this holistic approach, JPEG Pleno is not just a set of efficient coding tools addressing compression efficiency. It is a representation framework understood as a fully integrated system for providing advanced functionality support for image manipulation, metadata, random access and interaction, and various file formats. In addition, it should offer privacy protection, ownership rights, and security.

The JPEG Pleno framework is end-to-end-from the real or synthetized world to the replicated world-in its focus on harmoniously integrating all necessary tools into a single system to represent the same visual reality while considering different modalities, requirements, and functionalities.