JPEG Pleno Workshop Proceedings
July 2, 2015

Warsaw, Poland – June 23rd, 2015

The JPEG Committee has launched a new activity: JPEG Pleno, which is targeting a standard framework for the representation and exchange of new imaging modalities such as – but not limited to – light-field, point cloud and holographic imaging. In addition to the representation it is also a target to define new tools for improved compression while providing advanced functionality support for image manipulation, metadata, image access and interaction, privacy and security. This paradigm shift caused by computational imaging approaches will be as disruptive for the photography markets as the migration from analog film to digital pictures. Hence, JPEG Pleno investigates how this evolution can be properly addressed while taking into account JPEG’s legacy formats.

Since the JPEG committee intends to interact closely with actors in conventional and emerging imaging solutions, a workshop was organised during the JPEG meeting in Warsaw, Poland that was targeted to understanding industry needs in terms of technology and supported functionalities. Below, the workshop program is listed as well as download links for the presentations.

Program and presentations

  • 14:00 Touradj Ebrahimi (JPEG Convenor - EPFL): "JPEG Pleno - Introduction and Scope" (pptx)


  • 14:15 Christian Perwaß (Raytrix GmbH, Germany): "Metrically Calibrated Multi-focus Plenoptic Camera and its Applications" (pdf, zipped pptx & software)
  • 14:40 Joachim Keinert (Fraunhofer IIS, Germany): "Lightfield media production using camera arrays - use cases and requirements" (pdf)
  • 14:55 Péter Kovács (Holografika, Hungary): "Light Field Displays" (pdf)
  • 15:20 Atanas Gotchev (Tampere University of Technology): "Content creation for light-field displays" (pdf)
  • 15:35 Roger Olsson (Mid Sweden University, Sweden): "Objective evaluation and SotA compression solutions for plenoptic image content" (pdf)
  • 15:50 Discussion on compression of light field data (Requirements, use cases, technologies)


  • 16:30 Rufael Mekuria (CWI Netherlands): "Point Cloud Compression" (pptx)
  • 16:45 Discussion on compression of point cloud data  (Requirements, use cases, technologies)


  • 16:55 Małgorzata Kujawinska (Warsaw University of technology): "Holographic capturing and rendering systems, suitable data representations for phase and amplitude" (pdf)
  • 17:10 Frederic Dufaux (TELECOM ParisTech, France): "Digital Holography Compression" (pdf)
  • 17:35 Discussion on compression of holographic data  (Requirements, use cases, technologies)
  • 17:50 Conclusions

Organizing Committee

  • Peter Schelkens (VUB – iMinds, Belgium) - Chair
  • Fernando Pereira (IST-IT, Portugal) – Co-chair
  • Touradj Ebrahimi (EPFL, Switzerland)
  • Joachim Keinert (Fraunhofer IIS, Germany)
  • Andrea de Polo Saibanti (Cultural Heritage Consulting, Italy)
  • Marek Domanski (PUT, Poland)


JPEG Pleno Workshop Proceedings, ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29/WG1, wg1n69022, Warsaw, Poland, June 23, 2015.