JPEG XS Workshop – Use cases for a low-latency lightweight image coding system
November 9, 2015

Call for Contribution and Participation

La Jolla, CA, USA – February 23rd, 2016 – 9-13h

Today’s industrial applications often imply transport and storage of uncompressed images and video. This is for instance the case in video links (SMPTE Serial Digital Interface), IP transport (SMPTE 2022 5/6 & proprietary uncompressed RTPs), Ethernet transport (IEEE/AVB), and memory buffers. In this context, a low-latency lightweight coding system allows to increase resolution and frame rate while assuring visual quality and keeping power and bandwidth within a reasonable budget.

Hence, the JPEG Committee has launched a new activity called JPEG XS aiming at standardizing such low-latency lightweight coding system and providing a highly interoperable solution.

Since the JPEG Committee intends to interact closely with actors in this domain, a workshop is organised on February 23rd, 2016 during the WG1 meeting in La Jolla, CA, USA. The workshop will be targeted on understanding industry, user, and policy needs in terms of technology, requirements and supported functionalities.

Interested parties are invited to participate to this workshop and to propose contributions as well. The latter would typically exist of a short presentation of max. 10-15 minutes addressing requirements, lessons learned, missing features in existing solutions, applications, risks, use cases, user acceptance and relevant technologies for the addressed domains. Contributions to a wide variety of applications are welcome, targeting but not limited to broadcast applications and live production, digital cinema applications, industrial vision, automotive, professional audio visual systems, consumer TV, mobile video applications, camera array based recordings, ultra high frame rate cameras, medical imaging, video surveillance and security, automotive infotainment, camera manufacturers, set-top boxes and low-cost visual sensors in Internet of Things (IoT).

The organising committee will make a selection out of the received contributions.

If you are interested to deliver a contribution to this workshop, please contact Antonin Descampe (). Registration for the workshop is free.

Participating in the workshop is free but registration is required.

Organising Committee: Antonin Descampe (Belgium), Gaël Rouvroy (Belgium), Walt Husak (US), Joachim Keinert (Germany), Peter Schelkens (Belgium).

To stay posted on the action plan for JPEG XS, please regularly consult our website at and/or subscribe to our e-mail reflector.