JPEG Reference Software Draft Call for Proposals
April 13, 2017

While JPEG (Rec. ITU T.81 | ISO/IEC 10918) is still the most dominant still image format around, it may seem surprising that ISO/IEC never provided a reference software demonstrating a proper implementation of the standard, and as such, has given rise to third party implementations of ISO/IEC 10918 that, however, often implement the JPEG standard only incompletely, or sometimes even deviate from it. Given the market dominance of ISO/IEC 10918, it seems desirable to guide implementations to the correct implementation of this Recommendation | International Standard and to provide reference as how to reach conformance to it.

JPEG has a long tradition of providing open source software based only on license-fee-free and royalty-free technology, and it is the goal of this call to identify a software that is available under such licenses, e.g. BSD or a GPL license.

A draft Call for Proposals, with all related info, can be found in this document. A final call for proposals will be initiated at the 76th JPEG Meeting that will take place from 17 till 21 July 2017 in Torino, Italy.

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