Final Call for Proposals on JPEG 360 Metadata
February 12, 2018

The JPEG Committee notes the increasing use of multi-sensor images from multiple image sensor devices, such as 360 degree capturing cameras or dual-camera smartphones available to consumers. Images from these cameras are shown on computers, smartphones, and Head Mounted Displays (HMD). JPEG standards are commonly used for image compression and file format. However, because existing JPEG standards do not fully cover these new uses, incompatibilities have reduced the interoperability of these images, and thus reducing the widespread ubiquity which consumers have come to expect when using JPEG-based images. Additionally, new modalities for interacting with images, such as computer-based augmentation, face-tagging, and object classification, require support for metadata that was not part of the original JPEG scope. As set of JPEG 360 use cases is presented in this document.

To avoid fragmentation in the market and to ensure wide interoperability, a standard way of interacting with multi-sensor images with richer metadata is desired for JPEG standards. JPEG invites all interested parties, including manufacturers, vendors and users of such devices to submit technology proposals for enabling interactions with multi-sensor images and metadata that fulfil the scope, objectives and requirements that outlined in the final Call for Proposals. The final Call for Proposals, with all related info, can be found in this document.

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