JPEG Snack Use Cases and Requirements Call for Feedback
May 12, 2020

The JPEG committee recognizes the current global trend of digital media consumption by which the contents are increasingly conveyed using a short-form, image-rich construction to deliver information quickly and clearly, popularly known as the Snack culture. For example, consumers may “snack” on media while commuting to work or while enjoying breaks.

As media snacking spreads globally, the need for an efficient file format to enable broad interoperability is self-evident which is the motivation for a JPEG Systems (ISO/IEC 19566) standardization project, JPEG Snack aims to define how to contain JPEG image sequences and associated media along with metadata elements which enables animation with transition effects.

The JPEG committee is calling for feedback from interested stakeholders on the first public release of the JPEG Snack use cases and requirements document which can be found here.

To keep informed and get involved in the discussion, interested parties are invited to register to the ad hoc group’s mailing list.