Final Call for Proposals on JPEG Pleno Holography
May 7, 2021

JPEG Pleno aims to provide a standard framework for representing new imaging modalities, such as light field, point cloud, and holographic content. JPEG Pleno Holography is the first standardization effort for a versatile solution to efficiently compress holograms for a wide range of applications ranging from holographic microscopy to tomography, interferometry, and printing and display, as well as their associated hologram types. Key functionalities include support for both lossy and lossless coding, scalability, random access, and integration within the JPEG Pleno system architecture, with the goal of supporting a royalty free baseline. The final Call for Proposals (CfP) on JPEG Pleno Holography has been issued at the 91st JPEG meeting in April 2021. The deadline for expressions of interest and registration is 1 August 2021. Submissions to the Call for Proposals are due on 1 September 2021.

To keep informed and get involved in the discussion, interested parties are invited to register to the ad hoc group’s mailing list.