JPEG Pleno Point Cloud Scope and Timeline
May 19, 2021

At the 91st online JPEG Meeting the committee released document WG1N91041 describing the scope and timeline of the JPEG Pleno Point Cloud activity.

The scope of the JPEG Pleno Point Cloud activity is the creation of a learning-based coding standard for point clouds and associated attributes, offering a single-stream, compact compressed domain representation, supporting advanced flexible data access functionalities. This standard targets both interactive human visualization, with significant compression efficiency over state of the art point cloud coding solutions in common use at equivalent subjective quality, and effective performance for 3D processing and computer vision tasks, and has the goal of supporting a royalty-free baseline.

This standard is envisioned to provide a number of unique benefits, including a single efficient point cloud representation for both humans and machines. The intent is to provide humans with the ability to visualise and interact with the point cloud geometry and attributes while providing machines the ability to perform 3D processing and computer vision tasks in the compressed domain enabling lower complexity and higher accuracy through the use of compressed domain features extracted from the original instead of the lossy decoded point cloud.

To keep informed and get involved in the discussion, interested parties are invited to register to the ad hoc group’s mailing list.