2nd JPEG NFT Workshop Announcement
September 28, 2021


Non-Fungible Tokens have recently been the focus of much attention. Several digital assets that NFTs point to are either in existing JPEG formats or can be represented in current and emerging formats under development by the JPEG Committee. Furthermore, several trust and security issues have been raised regarding NFTs and the digital assets they rely on. Here again, JPEG Committee has a significant track record in security and trust in imaging applications. Building on this background, the JPEG Committee has launched a new exploration initiative around NFTs to better understand the needs in terms of imaging requirements and how existing as well as potential JPEG standards can help bring security and trust to NFTs in a wide range of applications and notably those that rely on contents that are represented in JPEG formats in still and animated pictures and 3D contents. As a first step in this initiative this workshop aims to discuss challenges and current NFT related solutions, notably in the context of applications relevant to the scope of the JPEG Standardization Committee.

Practical information

  • Date: October 12, 2021
  • Time: from 13:00 to 15:00 UTC
  • Access: Zoom


  • 13:00-13:10 UTC - Welcome & Introduction (Kambiz Homayounfar, RayShaper SA)
  • 13:10-13:30 UTC - Towards attributed, verified and documented NFTs (Philippe Rixhon, Philippe Rixhon Associates Ltd)
  • 13:30-13:50 UTC - NFT Issues and Solutions (Janos Farkas, CLink Media)
  • 13:50-14:10 UTC - How to bundle physical, 2D & 3D digital Art with NFT (Christoph Ebell, Arcades Digital and No.1)
  • 14:10-15:00 UTC - Questions & Discussion (Moderator: Touradj Ebrahimi, EPFL)

More information

Interested parties are invited to join the JPEG NFT mailing list and regularly consult the website for the latest news.