JPEG Workshop on Event-based Vision Announcement
October 6, 2023


JPEG standardization committee has started an activity around the definition of a format specification as an international standard to enable interoperability between applications and services relying on representations based on events.

As always, the first step for such an initiative is to set up an exploration activity to better understand use cases and their requirements and what should be standardized. This exploration has already started since January 2023 under denomination JPEG XE and a first publicly available document was produced which can be accessed from

It goes without saying that this is an initial draft that is intended to be improved and extended. Again here, JPEG standardization committee has a well proven process in place which consists in inviting all stakeholders and encouraging them to make contributions.

In this respect, the JPEG committee organizes an online workshop on Event Based Vision on October 24th 2023. This workshop consists of a series of short presentations that address a topic in the field of Event-based Vision, followed by a discussion panel session on the standardization of Event-based Vision, with interaction of panelists and participants under the guidance of a panel moderator.

Practical information

  • Date: Tuesday October 24, 2023
  • Time: from 15:00 to 17:00 (UTC)
  • Location: Online, via Zoom
  • Registration: No registration required


  • 15:00-15:10 UTC: Introduction into JPEG XE (Tim Bruylants, intoPIX, JPEG XE AHG Chair)
  • 15:10-15:30 UTC: Efficiently streaming event data from sensor to application processor (Nicolas Bourdis, Prophesee)
  • 15:30-15:50 UTC: Beyond storage: Information processing with event data (Sadique Sheik, SynSense)
  • 15:50-16:10 UTC: Event cameras in computer vision and robotics (Davide Scaramuzza, University of Zurich)
  • 16:10-16:30 UTC: Neuromorphic systems for assistive robots: event-based perception, learning, and control (Yulia Sandamirskaya, Zurich University of Applied Science/Intel)
  • 16:30-16:50 UTC: Neuromorphic Vision Applications: From Robotic Foosball to Cameras in Space (Greg Cohen, Western Sydney)
  • 16:50-17:30 UTC: Discussion panel (moderated by Fernando Pereira)

Organizing committee

  • Tim Bruylants (intoPIX)
  • Walt Husak (Dolby Laboratories)
  • Fernando Pereira (Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa)
  • João Ascenso (Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa)
  • Christoph Posch (Prophesee)
  • Nicolas Bourdis (Prophesee)
  • Touradj Ebrahimi (RayShaper)

More information

Interested parties are invited to regularly consult the website for the latest news, or register on the mailing list of JPEG XE at (jpeg-xe).