The JPEG Committee has launched a new activity on the Assessment of Image Coding, also referred to as JPEG AIC-3. This activity is a continuation of the previous standardization efforts (AIC-1 and AIC-2) and aims to develop a new standard, known as AIC-3. The new standard will be focusing on the methodologies for subjective quality assessment of images with visual quality levels in between the range where AIC-1 is suitable and the range where AIC-2 is suitable, as depicted in the figure above. This quality range is defined as having qualities in the range between high to nearly visually lossless.

A Call for Contributions was released in October 2022, and three contributions were received in April 2023. The collaborative process was initiated at the 99th JPEG Meeting, April 2023. The AhG is currently working on a large number of Core Experiments to define the standard.

Interested parties are invited to subscribe to the email reflector (jpeg-aic).