Towards a Standardized Framework for Media Blockchain - White paper and workshop announcement
July 21, 2018

Fake news, copyright violation, media forensics, privacy and security are emerging challenges for digital media. JPEG has determined that blockchain technology has great potential as a technology component to address these challenges in transparent and trustable media transactions. However, blockchain needs to be integrated closely with a widely adopted standard to ensure broad interoperability of protected images. JPEG calls for industry participation to help define use cases and requirements that will drive the standardization process.

To reach this objective, JPEG issued a white paper entitled “Towards a Standardized Framework for Media Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies” (last update October 2018) that elaborates on the initiative, exploring relevant standardization activities, industrial needs and use cases.

In addition, JPEG organized a free public workshop in Vancouver on Tuesday October 16th. More information is available here. To keep informed and get involved in the discussion, interested parties are invited to register to the ad hoc group’s mailing list.