JPEG Pleno Point Cloud

Point Clouds (PC) are one of the most promising technologies for 3D content representation. This is evidenced by considering the strong adoption of PC data and processing in different technological solutions. PC data is defined by a set of data points in a given, often 3D, coordinate system. Such data sets are usually acquired with a 3D scanner or LIDAR and can subsequently be used to represent and render 3D surfaces. Combined with other sources of data, like light field data, point clouds open a wide range of new opportunities for immersive browsing and virtual reality applications.

However, PCs are usually represented by huge amounts of data, making their manipulation difficult and inefficient. Hence, reliable methods for PC compression are required. JPEG Pleno intends to provide representation and compression mechanisms to this promising type of data.

During the 94th JPEG meeting, the JPEG Committee released a Final Call for Proposals on JPEG Pleno Point Cloud Coding. This call addresses learning-based coding technologies for point cloud content and associated attributes with emphasis on both human visualization and decompressed/reconstructed domain 3D processing and computer vision with competitive compression efficiency compared to point cloud coding standards in common use, with the goal of supporting a royalty-free baseline. This Call was released in conjunction with new releases of the JPEG Pleno Point Cloud Use Cases and Requirements and the JPEG Pleno Point Cloud Common Training and Test Conditions. Interested parties are invited to register for this Call by the deadline of the 31st of March 2022.

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